The game in InGame HR: Space rescue

The game in InGame HR: Space rescue

The game in InGame HR: Space rescue

The core concept of InGame HR is to provide a fun and entertaining video game for the potential candidate to increase his involvement in the recruitment process. The quality of the game is the crucial part. We know that the game we are using needs to have some unique ingredients to work for recruitment:

  • it needs to be popular (preferably among a wide age range of candidates),
  • it needs to be easily playable,
  • it must be easily customizable to build up the brand awareness of the employer.

We address the first two aspects by choosing classic video games to be used in InGame HR. The first game we chose was called Space Rescue, and it is a clone of classic Space Invaders. You know those chords of aliens stomping down to eat you, and you must shoot them all down. The game is widely known and easy to play. The InGame HR version looks like this:

Now we needed the game to be customizable. We have given users access to change the game’s overall theme of the game and all the text and graphics to suit your company brand. Let’s have a look at an imaginary postal service company using InGame HR to recruit employees.

First of all, the theme. Space:

Or desert:

The sprites (graphics). Why not shoot using small QRCode pictures to the postal boxes:

Why not do it in another theme:

Many other features are customizable in InGame HR.

The game in InGame HR: Space rescue
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