InGame HR – it works!

InGame HR – it works!

InGame HR – it works!

We created InGame HR for our own company as well. We use it regularly on various occasions. We have talked about it at Dogfooding InGame HR and Online recruitment in the time of pandemic.

This time it was similar. Every year we organize student internships as part of our Summer Internship Program. We are a popular internship provider in our city. Students know us for the fact that our internships are always concrete work in interesting projects where they can learn a lot. Just like last year, due to the pandemic, the Job Fair did not take place, so we reached out to InGame HR again. This year it was not a proof-of-concept anymore. It was a fully functioning system that we used and played the role of a customer: a regular HR professional.

After setting up and activating the account we created a new instance of the game:

This time we used „Speed race“ game:

From the available profession we used the question pool for a programmer. We slightly modified the available pre-canned tester questions and used them in the game as well:

That the questions for the tester profession have been modified can be seen by the fact that there is no „global“ icon next to the profession name. We have edited the questions for the tester profession in the system using the pre-canned questions and slightly modifying it (we will write about how to use the profession editor in detail another time).

In the game instance we prepared branding for our Summer Internship Program:

The link was ready for testing:

We decided to open the recruitment window for two weeks and informed the students about it during the „Meeting with Business“ at the Opole University of Technology:

We paid for the game instance, set the start and end date and waited for students to respond.

Within 2 weeks, 37 students (or more precisely, 37 unique, email contacts) participated in recruitment through InGame HR. These 37 students played 110 times and left 25 resumes in the system.

A quick look at the recruitment statistics allowed us to identify the leaders we contacted first. We had the context for the interview ready in the form of game history and answers given:

Often, we asked the candidate interview questions based on the answer’s they gave in the game.

A series of quick phone calls identified 6 interns who have already started their internships with our company. I’m sure that just like every year, the best of them will join our ranks.

InGame HR – it works!
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