Game overview

Game overview

Game overview

InGame HR is not only an interesting and fun form of recruitment, where the candidate has to answer the question correctly to stay alive. Games are also a great way to build your brand. By choosing a game that suits your organisation, you can give it the right character of your company. Furthermore, different groups of job candidates may find different games more or less interesting.

In this video we present our game collection.

Desert Adventure

This game is a clone of the classic Space Invaders game in a desert attire.

Froggy Princess

Have you always wanted to be a Princess who is looking for their destined Prince? In this game you can make this happen, defeat the evil frogs in order to find the right one, which will turn into your Dream Prince.


Take up your sword, load up your cannon, you will need them in this dangerous adventure. Dodge all the obstacles in your way and search for the promised treasure.

Speed Race

Is the smell of engine oil and gasoline always present in your heart? Have you always wanted to be a race driver? But you are stuck in your standard office job? Try out your reflexes, and realize the dreams you always have while driving home from your office.

Space Rescue

This one is a clone of the classic Space Invaders game in space attire. The player controls a cannon placed at the bottom of the screen firing at enemies descending from above.

Little Witch

The evil witches are attacking you dream castle, you need to defend it in order to save your eternal peace. Play as a Good Witch and use magic to drive the enemies away!

Game overview
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