Dogfooding InGame HR

Dogfooding InGame HR

Dogfooding InGame HR

The 12th Job Fair of the Opole University of Technology was on November 17, 2020. Because the fair was entirely virtual and we did not want to give up the students’ survey, we created InGame HR – an online survey.

You can read about our motivation in this post: Online recruitment during a pandemic. Additionally, we organized a giveaway with few a prizes via a competition. Anyone who played InGame HR could win an electronic gadget (smart band, mouse, headset). Anyone could enter the competition through our virtual stand and the “About us” tab.

Before the fair, a web page was waiting for players with information about the start of the competition. The game was available during the scheduled hours from 10:00 to 17:00. After this time, we informed the players about the end of the games.

The game started with choosing a profession: programmer or tester and entering your nickname and e-mail.

The game itself is like a classic Space Invaders theme. In the PoC (Proof of Concept) version, we’ve forked an Open Source spaceInvaders by sanderhelleso and made some adjustments to it.

The loss of life resulted in a questionnaire inquiry, according to their selected profession. There was a different pool of questions for the tester or the programmer. The correct answer allowed the game to continue. Failure to do so caused a loss of life.

We have gathered some impressive results. But before looking at the InGame specific numbers, let’s look at the statistics of our virtual stand at the on-line job fair:

  • Views – 438
  • Jobs list displayed – 190
  • Job views – 215
  • Sent contact forms – 4
  • Facebook clicks – 5
  • Number of downloaded directories – 13

In total, we obtained 12 leads to potential candidates. These leads came from the contact form, chat in the trade fair system, and Skype calls.

To contrast this result, let’s look at the last “physical” job fair in 2019. We gathered 67 contacts there:

  • 49 candidates for our Summer Internship Program,
  • 9 candidates for an internship,
  • 9 job applications.

So, it was a drop of over 80%. If not for InGame HR, we would have had to consider the fair very unsuccessful.

However, the matter looks much better if we consider the results obtained thanks to InGame HR. Using our system, we earned a total of 58 contacts. This result is still a decrease compared to the last physical fair, but this time only by 13%.

Selected InGame HR statistics on the test day:

  • Number of unique players/leads – 58
  • Number of all games during the fair – 340
  • 92% of players played more than 1 time
  • Players answered 3112 questions (68% of these answers were correct)
  • Record holders played up to 80 times and spent up to 104 minutes playing

Thanks to InGame HR, we managed to get almost 5 times more contacts to future candidates than relying solely on the virtual trade fair system’s methods. This overall result meant 483% more potential candidates for CODEFUSION.

The exam passed on a high five. InGame HR will become a product that can help other companies during virtual recruitment processes! Let the games begin!

Dogfooding InGame HR
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